In the trenches! 12/3/13

On to phase two of our plan. Rebuild and provide shelter for our family. It’s not just my mother in father-in-law. It’s many people that my family have taken in over the years. Plus my 2 brother-in-laws, and their families. As well as the grandchildren. One house for about 15 people!

I learned a new Tagalog word today. Pawis… Means Sweat. We worked in the 91F sun all day. I have worked in the sun before. But nothing like this. Amazing hot!

Today we began by picking up shovels, cement and supplies. We started by digging the holes for the pillars that will support the new home. Since our home was completely destroyed we decided to start over on the property we purchased at the beginning of the year.

It’s nothing fancy… But it will serve the purpose. We are building it out of concrete to protect the family for the future.

I know many of you have been trying to get in touch with me. I can only get internet at night via a pocket WIFI at the house I’m staying in. It’s extremely slow and I can only use it for a few minutes. I have to charge my laptop and cell phone during the day on our generator and rush to get online at night before the battery dies. So please bare with me. We cannot run the generator at night because of the thief’s and shootings at night.

Below are the pictures. Thank you again for your help!



People are Awesome! Relief to Ormoc! 11/30/13

Finally all of our hard work has paid off. Our initial feeding program has been a great success! Amazing how we can all work together to bring change to a small town in the Philippines! This portion has been very hard. Working long days in the hot sun. But the results are awesome!

I cannot thank everyone enough.

From my family for providing all the help.
From the Taylor’s for opening up their home to us and helping us repack all the food.
To everyone who has donated so much to us and made this all possible.
To all our Filipino friends who stood in line and waited patiently for us to hand out the food.
Thank you to the local Ipil Police for providing protection during the relief handout!

We picked up 6 sacks of rice from one ferry right off the boat. Thanks to Miss Peachy for shipping those to us.
We picked up our 15 sacks we had shipped via container from Cebu.
Cans of Sardines and Noodles we had in the back of the truck when we shipped it from Cebu.

We took all the items to the Taylors to pack in small sacks. We had a total of 503 sacks. Each sack had 2kg of rice, two cans of Sardines and 3 bags of noodles.

After spending the day repacking we issued tickets to everyone in Ipil, Ormoc. We had to issue tickets to avoid potential double dipping.

My mother-in-law made Lugaw (Rice Soup). She used the freeze dried vegetables we brought from Hawaii.

While handing out the food we were able to feed the children and give them fresh bottled water!

We handed out all our food at Ipil Elementary school. (badly destroyed) Thank God the stage was still OK.

Here are all the pictures of our day. It was pretty awesome. Our next step is to begin tearing down the old homes and start building new ones for people to have shelter. I hope you will join me in my efforts. We are completely out of money at this point. My hope is that we can get that next big push to meet our goal of $15,000. That should be just enough to finish up our relief effort and set everyone of the path to recovery and safety.

Please donate. Everything is welcome!

Thank you again for all your help. You’re all a big part in this. Changing lives and helping those in need! Check out or pictures.


Happy Thanks Giving! 11/28/13


What a day! Here is an update. I’m still in Cebu so I have internet. I hope that I will be able to provide regular updates like this in Ormoc.


Today was the epic adventure that started at 6am.

The truck we were supposed to pickup and purchase for $1,000 was in bad shape. Additionally the vehicle didn’t have the proper paperwork to ship to Ormoc. That was a disappointment. But we kept on going.

We found another truck today from a friend for $3,100. It had good paperwork and functioned normally… Or we thought functioned normally. We had two break downs. The gear shifting cable froze before we drove out of the lot. The owner that sold it to us quickly repaired it at no cost. Later that day on the way to the Ferry docks to load our rice the steering rod that holds the tires in the direction you point them broke off. Thank God we were getting gas when this snapped. We could have been seriously injured.

After about 3 hours at broke down the owner showed up with the parts to repair. Thank you again Japan Trade center who sold us the vehicle. They came as quick as they could and repaired it.

Being that the truck is refurbished we don’t expect it to operate like new. So problems happen.

After all of the problems we were able to pick up our rice from the Ferry. Thank you to Miss Peachy Abejo for helping us so much. She really came through for us.

Today while on our travels hunting for a vehicle, exchanging money, picking up wire transfers, etc. We ran into these two boys sleeping on the sidewalk. I realized I cannot pass them by. I grabbed some food and bottled water and told them Happy Thanks Giving. Before I head out to Ormoc tomorrow I will check on them again. They were both very happy and thankful.

With all of the extra expenses and break downs. We are beginning to struggle with finances. We should have just enough to get to Ormoc and begin feeding families and friends. I hope you will help me to provide aid to the families in need here. A little bit goes a long way. Just look at the 2,300 lbs of rice on it’s way right now to Ormoc.

This is the best Thanks Giving ever. I wish my family could be here with me too. I love you all and miss you.

Happy Thanks Giving all. Thank you for making this happen.

Jacob Petroskyboat2 boattoormoc Feeding truckempty truckloaded

Update 11/27/13


Big changes since our last update. I arrived in Cebu yesterday after 24 hours of travel. I’m sorry for the delay in updating the help ormoc website. I have been trying to update everyone on FaceBook as much as possible. It’s hard because internet is spotty over here.

Yesterday I ran into another aid worker coming from California. His name is Kyle and he like me just dropped what he was doing in life and came here to help the people of the Philippines. He might be joining us in our efforts later. For right now he will be feeding evacuees coming out of Tacloban.

Also ran into a nice guy from San Francisco. He was here on vacation but was willing to make a donation when possible. Super awesome Mark.

So here is a quick update of where we are at. I will try to update you when I can. In the Philippines nothing really goes the way you plan. Things come up or change. You have to adapt quickly to make things work.

We had a vehicle waiting for us here in Cebu. It’s a small truck a local family was going to sell to us for $1,000.00 USD. The truck was in bad shape. Additionally they told us the paperwork was all in good order. It was not. So today we have to begin looking for a replacement truck. Without a truck we will have a difficult time getting goods in to Ormoc. I’m confident we should be able to find a small used truck for $1,000-1500 today.

Dave my brother-in-law was able to purchase 21 sacks of rice from the donations everyone has made! Each sack is 50kg or 110lbs.

He also purchased 1,000 cans of sardines and 1,600 packs of noodles.

We have purchased a small generator that needs to be picked up today. Without a truck we are going to have a tough time doing so. We still have no power in Ormoc so without a generator we wont have lights or the ability to charge power tools, pump water, etc.

Hopefully if everything goes smoothly today. I should be on the last Ferry heading to Ormoc around 11PM tonight.

Please consider donating to help us make this happen. We are very close to our goal and need your help. Keep in mind that all of your donations are going directly towards the relief effort. All travel expenses including airfare, food, lodging and expenses are being covered by me.

Thank you again for all your support, prayers and donations.

Jacob Petrosky


Update 11/15/2013 Our donation goal is $15,000

Thank you to everybody for your support and help so far. I cannot express enough how much your donations means to us and our family in the Philippines. It has been awe inspiring to watch my friends, family, customers and complete strangers come together to help. I know many who have given are already struggling in this tough economy. Even when times are tough we come together to help those in need.

Here is an update of what we have accomplished and are beginning to put together now.

The first batch of money was sent and delivered to our family in Ipil, Ormoc City. They have food and water! Still no electricity. Gasoline is being rationed out to the people. Food still needs to be boated in because the stores were heavily damaged and looted.

Second wave is coming soon. Today I renewed my passport on an expedite renewal. I should have it in a week. Once my passport arrives I will be immediately traveling to the Philippines to bring supplies and food.

We have ordered water purifiers, vitamins, Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), antibiotics and other items for cleaning up and rebuilding.

When I arrive in Cebu I will be purchasing a generator for power. Allowing anyone in Ipil to come charge their phones and other devices. This will allow them to reach out to their families in the US and abroad for additional support.

We will also be purchasing a portable welder, grinder, saw and other basic tools. This will allow us to break down homes that are unstable and begin salvaging items. We will also be able to make basic repairs to provide shelter.

We will be renting or purchasing a used small multi-cab vehicle (mini-truck) to transport goods back and forth on the ferry from Cebu to Ormoc.

We will be doing this all with support from you. I will be taking a leave of absence from my work for 2weeks. I will not be paying myself during this time and will use my own funds for food and my needs. However, I do not have funds for airfare. I’m asking for an additional push in donations to reach our goal of $15,000. I will be going on this trip with faith hoping that funds will come in from all of you. Your donation will go directly to families in need. While I’m there I will provide pictures, videos and updates of our activity. You will be able to see the difference you have made in these people’s lives!

Please consider making a small donation today. They are all counting on us to help them.

A big Mahalo for making all this happen.

Jacob and Maricho Petrosky

Help my Family and Friends in Ormoc City, Leyte Philippines. Our Goal is to raise $15,000.


I created this site in hope that many of you will donate to help my family and friends in the Philippines. Many of you know my wife is from the Philippines and I travel there regularly to visit our family.

Recently Typhoon Haiyan ripped through a small city on the island of Leyte. This city is Ormoc. Ormoc is where most of my family and friends in the Philippines lives. Here is the exact path that Haiyan took.


Ormoc was directly in it’s path.


Damage to Ormoc is Severe. The roofs of most houses have been removed completely. Majority of the houses in the coastal areas have been completely wiped out. Power and communications are almost completely down. Reports from our family is few but some pictures and comments mention, “It’s as if a bomb went off”.

We have been doing everything we can as a family to help them. Not only was their home completely destroyed but they have no power and can barely communicate with us.

Recently, we wire transferred our entire savings to Dave my wife’s brother. He lives in Cebu a neighboring island of Leyte. He was able to receive the money in Cebu and catch a ferry to Ormoc to bring help to our family and friends of Ipil. What we could send was everything we had.

Our family in the Philippines is very poor. They didn’t have much to begin with. Now it’s all gone.

There are many affected families in Ipil who are in dire need of assistance. During these difficult times I feel that it is my duty to seek and provide help to my family and to the people in Ipil who have opened their hearts to me and my family. I am asking for your assistance to make this happen.

Please find in your hearts to help to save our family and friends. They will need water, food, medicine and ultimately a home.

Your donation will go to my family and neighbors in Brangay Ipil, Ormoc City, Leyte. It will be delivered by hand via my brother-in-law Dave. He will purchase food, water and other supplies. The rest of the family will help to provide food to other affected families. Especially to the children in the neighborhood. It will also help supply materials to repair homes.

Your donation will make a big difference.

My family is counting on you for help.

Please donate.

Thank you for your support.

Jacob and Maricho Petrosky